Game of Throats

@ Northcote Uniting Church Hall

Comedy cabaret show

Venue Details

251 High St, Northcote Victoria 3070, Australia

Who said Community Choirs aren’t competitive?

Welcome to a whole new genre –choral comedy cabaret.

Music theatre aficionados Bronwyn Calcutt and Terry Cole have combined their wicked wits with the glorious tones of Shaking the Tree and Expressive Women choirs to produce a performance event with all the dazzle of The Voice, the passion of a Grand Final, and the ruthlessness and drama of Game of Thrones.

Appealing to their worst traits, a dodgy celebrity entrepreneur -Chester Gold (Terry Cole) – has lured two gentle community choirs head to head into fierce vocal competition- Game of Throats – with promises of fame and glory for the winner.

A mixture of vocal magic and theatrical mayhem ensues as the power moves unpredictably between the parties.

Will Chester Gold seduce them to the dark side, or will peace and harmony prevail?

Don’t miss the premiere at the Northcote Uniting Church Hall 14 June 5pm. Directed by Bronwyn Calcutt.