Tarkine in Motion Project

Over four days of Easter 2018, Shaking The Tree choir traveled from Melbourne to the Tasmanian Tarkine Wilderness under the auspices of the Bob Brown Foundation’s Tarkine in Motion project. This project invites artists of diverse media to immerse themselves and find inspiration in this unique natural environment, and share this with the world in the campaign for its preservation.

Currently 86% of the Tarkine is not protected from exploitation and degradation through logging and unregulated 4WD access, and the campaign for its protection is seeking to achieve World and National Heritage Status and a return to indigenous guardianship.

Shaking the Tree’s journey has left us with unforgettable experiences of the beauty and value of this precious environment and we are now passionate advocates for its protection.

Song: Traditional Gaelic melody with adapted version of the lyrics of Richard Farina’s song “The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood”. 
Vocals and lyric adaptation by Bronwyn Calcutt
Photos by Bronwyn Calcutt and members of Shaking The Tree
Video production by Bronwyn Calcutt.